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OUR VISION – To Provide quality Healthcare Services to all.

Dr. Aggarwal’s Ayurvedic Panchakarma & Research Centre was established in the year 2009. Keeping in view of that we are to provide quality and affordable healthcare to all strata’s of society. We are pioneers in Ayurveda practicing the same in its most AUTHENTHIC and Natural form.

We honor the Sanskrit term “Sarve Santu Niraaymya, Sarve Bhavntu Sukhinah”, which simply means that “All human beings should be disease free, healthy and happy”. We are committed to provide diet and life consultancy according to

the uniqueness of the individual’s body type. In Ayurveda this is known as one’s “Prakruti”. Living in balance with your own “Prakruti” is necessary to avert disease and achieve optimal health.