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In my long years of practice, I have successfully treated several patients of vata, pitta, and kapha.

Vata Pulse Case Study

Health History
A 55 year-old woman came for the treatment of obesity.

Pulse Diagnosis

On examining her pulse, I found that it was full of swelling and moving like a snake. The vata pulse was jumping more with low circulation, and it was difficult to feel. I asked her if she had ever had an abortion, and she said twice. I then asked her if she had a caesarean, and she said yes. She went on to tell me how she had progressively started putting on weight after her cesarean.

To lose weight, she had tried several diets on her own. She began her day with a black tea followed by salads, had only sandwiches and coffee for lunch, and ate two slices of bread and vegetables for dinner, in spite of it she continued to add on the kilos.

Wrong diet, over fasting and sedentary lifestyle was aggravating her vata pulse, resulting in bloating. Salads are strictly not recommended to people having vata.


She was put on a diet of whole or split mung, mung soup, rice, vegetable soup with ghee (clarified butter) to be taken at four hourly intervals, with basti (medicated enema) treatments familiar to panchakarma (the age-old science of purifying the body).

Within a fortnight, her pulse began to feel light and the vata level began to reduce. After the complete basti course spreading over a year, she lost 18 kilos. After three years, today her weight stands at 55 kgs and her pulse is healthy and steady.

I also taught her how to ‘feel’ her own pulse and now, whenever there is a slight rise in vata, she immediately embarks on a vata-pacifying diet that includes drinking 1 tsp of castor oil at bedtime with a glass of warm water, cooked rice, dates, vegetables, and sesame oil massage.

This client actually bounced back to health because of the correct diagnosis of a vata type of pulse. More importantly, she became self educated in diagnosing her own problem. Ayurveda is truly the ‘Science of life.’

Pitta Pulse Case Study

Health History

A 25-year-old medical representative, with a history of asthma since childhood, came for a cure to his severe migraine problem. He had tried a variety of painkillers to combat the disease, but to no avail.

Pulse Diagnosis

On examining the client’s pulse, I found that it was hot, fast, strong, and heavy to feel due to aam (toxins) created by indigestion and the pitta pulse was jumping more.

His job involved walking in the hot sun the whole day without fixed hours for eating meals. Besides, he was fond of spicy, fermented, sour foods, tomatoes, pizzas, yogurt, and alcohol.

Not only this, he was taking inhalers, antibiotics, bronchodialators, and steroids at frequent intervals for asthma, resulting in his immunity level being very low. His diet, lifestyle, and asthma medicines were pitta increasing. Hence, he was suffering from migraines.


I advised him to take 2 teaspoons of cow ghee first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to control pitta and a teaspoon of Triphala at night as a mild virechan to remove pitta.

After about a month-and-a-half, he reported a 50 percent reduction in the intensity of migraine and even his asthma attacks had reduced. Slowly, his asthma medicines were reduced. After six months, his pulse was free from aam and was very light to feel. With the heat in the body controlled, the client’s pitta pulse was not jumping more; it was healthy, light, and steady.

Kapha Pulse Case Study
Health History

A 30-year-old businessman once came to me for treatment of diabetes and obesity.

Pulse Diagnosis

After checking his pulse, I immediately told him, “This is not you.” He replied that he was very slim until he started his business six years ago. Next, I asked him, “Are you diabetic?” because his pulse was very humid, with the kapha pulse very prominent.

“Yes, I am on insulin and my blood sugar is not under control even after medication.” He pleaded that he wanted to get rid of the insulin injections.

His pulse was very heavy to feel because he had aam. The sedentary lifestyle, stress and fondness for fried foods and sweet with no exercise had caused slow digestion and formation of mucous and kapha, which blocked his channels of pancreas, lungs, and intestines. This had resulted in increase in the blood sugar level, in cough, congestion in chest with respiratory problems, and severe constipation.


I advised him to walk for an hour daily. To begin with, he was put on a diet of mung soup, and mung with spices like dry ginger, oregano, asafoetida, black pepper, rock salt, onion, garlic, and coriander. Then, vegetables and rice was included in the menu.

He was asked to take a teaspoon of a mixture of turmeric and amla (gooseberry) powder on an empty stomach in the morning. At night, he was asked to take a teaspoon of castor oil with warm water. He successfully did virechan and enema treatment of panchakarma as well. Side by side, his insulin dosage was reduced every week.

After a year of adopting this lifestyle, his insulin was stopped and he regained his slim look once more. Today, his pulse is without aam (very light to feel) and the kapha pulse is feeble but prominent.


  • I am Ravneet from BELGIUM, I was diagnosed as Renal Failure by doctors there in Belgium. I was introduced a fistula in my left hand when I came to For Ayurvedic Treatment with Dr. Shridhar. All my blood investigations were Blood Urea was 112 mg/dl & S. creatinine was 8.9 mg/dl.
    I got to know about Dr. from my sister who puts up in Ludhiana. Now, I have been taking dr. Aggarwal’s Medicine since 2 years till date I am happy that I don’t have any Renal Failure now. Doctors & nurses who treated me there in Belgium are actually amazed to see me healthy again. One of the nurses told that she has not seen a single kidney patient recovering without Dialysis like me in her 25 years of service in Hospital.
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  • I am Deepak Thakur Indian Hockey cricket captain. I suffered from a terrible knee Injury in Germany. Immediately after seeing my MRI, I was advised Arthroscopy in Germany, but as I have seen the after effects of this surgery I avoided it. I then came to Chandigarh & consulted Dr. Shridhar Aggarwal for the same. He then advised & administered panchakarma treatments & Ayurvedic Medicine which revived & rehabilitated me from this injury.

  • Cervical Spondiltis Cured-
    Hi I am vivek Arora a leading CA of tricity. I have been suffering from cervical pain & stiffness from a month. I have been to every topmost physiotherapist & orthopaedician in city but it was not improving. Then I cam to Dr. Shridhar for treatment. He administered Panchakarma & ayurvedic Treatment by which I got relieved within 2 days.

  • Spinal Canal Stenosis-
    I am Shobha Gupta age 40years from Mohali. I was diagnosed from this dreaded problem which started almost two years ago for which I even visited topmost Hospitals in city, but to relief there was no use. With the passage on time I even was not able to walk properly. Then I have undergone 16 days special panchakarma treatment which has brought my original life back.

    Hi I am Dr. Poonam Gupta a reputed Eye Surgeon of Mohali. I was having multiple problem when I first visited Dr. Aggarwal’s centre. He treated me for about one month after his intensive complete rejuvenation program, I am 100 % fit & able to do my surgeries. My dark circles have been waived off during his treatment.

  • LOST 10 Kg weight-
    Hi I am Dr. Sarika Mahajan from Mohali, I even have taken one month’s weight reduction Complete course from Dr. Aggarwal & reduced around 10 kgs in 3 months.

    Hii I am Ashish Tandel age 28 from Gujarat. I am working as a Engineer in a multinational Firm. I was having 10 year old Back Problem. It was Diagnosed as Ankylosing Spondiltis later on. I was not able to walk, bend or do my regular activities due to my back pain & stiffness. Then I came down to Dr. Aggarwal who has done 16 day panchakarma Program for my body which really helped to get out of bad shape. He also have given me some medicines & told some precautions which I am continuing & I am living a healthy life nowadays. Thanks to dr. Aggarwal for letting me live a pain+ stiff free life.